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Board Members


2019 Board:

President – Bob Angeli   PHOTO    Bob Angeli Biography

Vice President – Javier Inclan  PHOTO  Javier Inclan Biography

Treasurer – Bill Collins  PHOTO   Bill Collins Biography

Commissioner – Elaine Knobloch  PHOTO   Elaine Knobloch Biography

Umpire In Chief (UIC) – Joe DeFranco  Photo   Joe DeFranco Biography

Member at Large – Mike Beaupre Bio & Photo

Legacy Board Members

2018 Board: Angeli, Inclan, Collins, Knobloch, DeFranco, Gramp

2017 Board: Angeli, Kroll, Collins, Knobloch, DeFranco, Watts

2016 Board:  Angeli, Kroll, Collins, Knobloch, Deitrich, Watts

2015 Board: Angeli. Kroll, Collins, Knobloch, Deitrich, Seeger

2014 Board: Angeli, Kroll, Collins, Knobloch, Seeger

2013 Board: Angeli, Kroll, Collins, Egan/Knobloch, Seeger, Ward, Walker

2012 Board: President: George Constantdinitis, VP: Bill Graham, UIC: Judy Cole, Commish: Ben Thompson



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